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Golf Swing Videos

There are hundreds of golf swing videos on the market today. Let us help you choose the right one for you.

Like training aids their are a ton of videos out there that promise the world when it comes to improving your golf swing. But where do you start? How do you know which ones are right for you?

Before I invest in any golf swing videos I go through a quick, three-point checklist. Here it is.

How Credible is the Instructor on the Video

A few simple questions to ask yourself are, "Have I ever heard of this guy/gal?" "Who supports them?" For example, what pros are supporting them. "How long have they been around?" Are they brand new with some gimmick or have they been around awhile and have a track record of success?

What are the Reviews Like

Then go onto Amazon or any other site that sells the video that I'm interested in. You should spend at least 20-minutes or so reading reviews and getting a feel what the video is all about and if you think it will help you.

How Much Does it Cost

Finally, how much does it cost? If its one video/DVD it should not cost you much more than $15 or $20. If its a larger DVD set of say 6 then you can expect to pay $80-$100. Be sure to stay in your budget and if a golf swing video package is more than that I would proceed with caution.

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