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Golf Swing Basics
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Golf Swing Basics

Our website is dedicated to help you improve your golf swing. You'll find what you are looking for, from golf swing techniques to golf tips.

Welcome to Golf Swing Basics. It is out goal to help you learn more about your own golf swing and in turn help you become a better golfer.

Many people like to complicate the golf swing. In reality the best swing for you is one that is a natural golf swing. Too many people try to do too many different things during their swing and it makes it nearly impossible to strike the ball cleanly on a consistent manner.

Before you peruse our site let us give you three quick tips to help you get started improving your golf swing.

Quiet Your Mind

How many swing thoughts do you have running through your head when you start your basic golf swing? If you're like most people you have several. Imagine if you're presenting in front of group of people. What would happen if you had the same number of thoughts going through your mind like you do when golfing? Most likely you would totally destroy your presentation and look like you don't know what you're doing. Well that's what happens with most golfers too.

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Don't Take Golf Swing Technique Advice from Your Spouse or Buddy

Don't you love it when you're on the course and you see a husband giving his wife a lesson when he doesn't even know what he's doing. If that's you stop it! Take it on the range. Better yet buy your wife golf lessons from a pro.

What's Your Natural Golf Swing - Are You a One-Planer or a Two-Planer

This topic has caused a lot of confusion and discussion over the last several years. But there is a difference and you need to know what kind of golfer your are a one-planer or a two-planer because that will help you understand your natural golf swing.

Let's look at the definition of each to allow you to determine which swing is your natural one.

One Plane Swing

One-plane golfers turn their shoulders around a bent-over spine and swing their arms around their upper body onto the same "plane" as their shoulders. Just imagine being bent over with your arms hanging down and as you turn back your arms and shoulders all turn on the same plane. Tiger Woods "newest" swing is a one-plane swing.

Two Plane Swing

The two-plane golfer stands much more upright. Two-plane golfers swing their arms on an upright plane while the shoulders turn on a flatter plane instead of everything moving on the same plane like in the one-plane swing. A two-plane swing uses timing and tempo as key fundamentals to its success. If timing is off is can throw the entire swing off. Fred Couples is a perfect example of a two-plane golfer.

Even though some people say a one-plane swing is more reliable than a two-pane one. Please understand that may not matter to you if your natural, basic golf swing is a two-plane one. It is hard for people to go against their natural tendencies. Just do what feels best and most natural to you and then work on improving one thing at a time.

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